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The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities has taken note of the establishment of the association called “Union of the First” Its headquarters: Tripoli – Zaytoun Tripoli Real Estate – Estate No. 5348 – Section No. 12 – Al-Azaza Street – King Khaled Suleiman Bek Al-Hassan Al-Marabi.

The goals of the association is to contribute to the development of society and prepare the good, responsible and effective citizen in society, through:

1. Activating citizenship among society in general and youth in particular, and enhancing the sense of belonging to the homeland by strengthening volunteer work and spreading the spirit of tolerance and human brotherhood in society.

2. Charitable work in various cultural, social, health and professional fields, providing humanitarian assistance and care, securing all necessary assistance, and supporting the work with the necessary capabilities and competencies, whether human or mechanized in terms of equipment, raw materials and raw materials, or based on science and studies, and recruiting expertise and human and material energies necessary for the success of the projects that Achieving the objectives of the association in general and at all levels and levels and in all circumstances by adapting and adapting to them and observing them by keeping pace with modern scientific and technological development.

3. To include and unite the largest number of dignitaries and intellectuals from different races and genders to achieve the concept of the pioneers and to achieve the noble goals that the association seeks from solidarity and reunification of the pioneers and the unification of forces and capabilities in order to cooperate in the success of the goal of the international acquaintance project in the association through the activities of the association.

4. Striving to achieve the hopes, desires, aspirations and dreams of society by solving some of the problems that hinder society by conducting opinion polls on community affairs and presenting them in a civilized manner to the competent authorities to address them and find the most appropriate or alternative solution under the cover of state law.

5. Supporting young people and helping them by establishing an office and a marriage fund to marry them off, help them financially and morally, guide them to develop themselves, and give them advice and appropriate choices for them in all fields in general.

6. Supporting male and female students at all educational levels, filling the gaps they face, charging them with hope, developing their mental and physical abilities, and qualifying them to be active members of society.

7. Securing the necessary grants for the members and the first in the association, in addition to securing job opportunities for them, encouraging the outstanding, urging them to diligence, academic progress, and the advancement of thought and pride in work to keep pace with everything that is new and developed, and encouraging them to discoveries, innovations and inventions.

8. Caring for and carrying out training courses and providing guidance, services, facilities, health, educational, social, cultural and developmental activities to develop and educate the human and civil society and graduate qualified cadres to play their role in building the human being and society clearly and effectively and to defend human rights, preserve nature and develop Tripoli and the North in particular and Lebanon in general.

9. Forming a special women’s committee and holding seminars and courses to train, develop and guide girls, women and housewives so that they have a basic and effective role to participate in society wherever they are and to excel and master their roles and work wherever they are and educate them on their duties, whether at home or outside, and how to act in critical and emergency situations where there is no One to qualify them to be self-reliant and to act wisely and with extreme precision so that they have their own independent and independent entity to participate in the establishment of education, education and awareness of the generations of tomorrow and the future.

10. Educating young people about the correct principles, principles and laws and urging them to present and respect the other opinion through constructive dialogue and work to spread social justice and equality between the classes of society under the law.

11. Participation, interaction and cooperation with various civil society organizations and humanitarian and charitable personalities with close or common goals and even similar ones and assisting and supporting them with the work and activities that they carry out in cooperation and coordination among us to achieve the goals and objectives of the association according to the rules and laws in force.

12. The association has the right to deal with everything that is complementary and complementary to its subject and objectives and at all levels and levels within the limits of the law.

13. Striving to discover the talents, hobbies and capabilities of the community to support and enhance them by motivating and encouraging them to develop themselves with humanitarian work, activities and creative initiatives aimed at organizing cultural and social courses, seminars and conferences to advance people and society towards awareness of science, knowledge, awareness and good morals, urging them to excellence and pushing them to be the first in all their work and activities and all of their fields.

14. Positive contribution to the development of energies and abilities (intellectual, educational, professional, cultural, social, charitable and voluntary) among society and youth, especially spiritually, physically, nationally and socially, and respecting religious, national, civilized and human values.

15. Directing and motivating young people, especially those with special needs, to work productively to build their life project, preserve their material and moral rights, give them freedom of expression, and help them discover themselves and extract the latent and reduced talents and energies within them.

16. Providing various material and moral services to the poor, the displaced, the handicapped, people with special needs, orphans, widows and divorced women and taking care of them and preserving their rights by securing the necessary care for them with clothing, food, medicine and education, enhancing self-confidence and giving them their personal freedoms within the applicable laws.

17. Establishing cultural activities, medical awareness, supporting art exhibitions, handicrafts, home crafts, and other professional crafts, in coordination with specialists and owners of crafts and professions, and under the auspices of the association.

18. Issuing affiliation and membership identification cards for founding members, members of the administrative body and new members.

19. Issuing and disseminating publications, literature and advertisements related to and concerned with community affairs, youth, cultural development and education.


The Al-Awael Union was established to complement the needs of the community to develop activities and businesses in all educational, professional, social, cultural, sports, developmental and charitable fields, with the approval of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, with an official license, Science and News No. 2030 / 2011. It is concerned with supporting and developing all specialized sectors and departments so that they form a cooperative, developmental human magnet in accordance with Vision 2030.

Definition of the union of the first:

It is a comprehensive union to support and develop society at all levels to achieve excellence.


Achieving a positive network for the exchange of benefits between all sectors of the federation for human development.

The message:

Opening the doors of support for all registered in the federation to reach integration and self-sufficiency in various sectors.

Who are we?

We are a group of unions for the first in all disciplines such as unions, associations, organizations and parties locally and internationally in order to achieve the objectives of the union.

Why us?

Because of our energies and experiences in all fields and at all local and international levels.

How do we work ?

Our work is to organize randomness and fill gaps in order to achieve integration in every work in which the union participates.

Our goals:

1- Supporting students at all stages, securing the necessary scholarships, and giving courses in various fields.
2- Support and empower women.
3- Supporting people with special needs.
4- Supporting the poor, refugees and the displaced.
5- Cooperate with local and international associations, institutions and organizations.
6- Establishing educational, educational, academic and university institutions.
7- Establishing health centers and hospitals.
8- Contribute to the establishment of places of worship.
9- Contribute to supporting logistics service centers and institutions.
10- Cooperate with industrial and commercial institutions in line with the objectives of the federation.




Target group:

Every beneficiary of the activities and programs of the Union in all sectors.


Extending relations through actual visits to more than 35 countries in the world to exchange cultures, customs and trade.


In Union force


The best of people is the most beneficial to people

Our qualities:

Honesty – honesty – work

Social – cultural – developmental

Summary: Supporting humanity in life management.
Website: www.union-firsts.com


President: Abdoul Rahman Salem Dabboussi

Work Experience
o 2017-2022: Head of public and international relation in Indonesian Citizen Reporters association (PPWI)

o 2015/2017: Partner in Halal Vietnam Import Export Company

o 2012-2014: General Director of the Syrian Aid and Rescue (sweden) Organization in Lebanon collaborated with the United Nation

o 2010-2013: Membership of Specialists in Dental Laboratories Sciences syndicate, Lebanon. (licensed number 756)

o 2009-2010: Public Relations Officer at Sadeem Quality Consultant Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE

o 2008-Sofar: Public Relations Officer at MAS Dabboussi Trading Company, Tripoli, Lebanon (freelance )

Place & Date of Birth: Dubai, 15/8/1985

Nationality: Lebanese

Marital Status: Married, Having two Children

Contact Details:


Academic Education
o 2011: Cinema & Television Directing Course, Beirut, Lebanon

o 2009: Excellence in Customer service course, Abu Dhabi, UAE

o 2004/2007: Bachelor Degree in Dental Laboratory Technology from Sidoon University College, Tripoli, Lebanon

o 2002/2003: High School Diploma Scientific Stream, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Personal Skills:
• Excellent Interpersonal Communications
• Business Development
• Smart and creative
• Effective team player
• Hard working and trustworthy
• Driving License, UAE & Lebanon
• Microsoft Office

Languages: English, Arabic

Hobbies: Reading, Playing football and Swimming, Travelling, Martial Arts.