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Indonesia Leading Media Leader Visits Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary

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Jan 5, 2023

Penitentiaries or prisons and detention centers are very pleasant places. A place that everyone can use as ‘Schools of Life’. This is where we practice dealing with life’s problems whose circumstances may be very different when we are out there

UF, Jakarta – Starting his Working Visit of 2023, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Citizens Journalists Association (Persatuan Pewarta Warga Indonesia – PPWI), Wilson Lalengke, visited Narcotics Penitentiary in Cipinang, East Jakarta, Tuesday (03/01/2023). The visit was in order to fulfill a special gathering invitation from the Head of penitentiary Security Unit, Muhammad Khapi.

The hospitality meeting was scheduled for the afternoon by the penitentiary as they would had lunch while talking to each other. During the meeting, one of the leading media leaders in Indonesia, Wilson Lalengke was accompanied by several of its members, among others Winarsih and Edwin Waturandang.

Meanwhile, this meeting was also attended by Heri Purnomo and several of Khapi’s staff. Khapi at the meeting also represented the Head of the Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary.

During the lunch and casual talk, Khapi presented several program activities at the Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary. He also talked about the ups and downs in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to all inmates with different characters.

Wilson (left) gives plaque of appreciation to Khapi

In carrying out their task, said Khapi, his party assesses that the role of the media is very much needed. “The media really needs to help exposing the positive activities that have been carried out at this narcotics penitentiary to the public,” he said, Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Wilson Lalengke, an alumnus of the Indonesia Lemhannas Institute, said that the publication of activities was very helpful in disseminating information and changing public opinion about prisons and detention centers. Penitentiary and Detention Center are no longer as scary places but really fun places, as schools of life to train convicts in dealing with life’s problems.

“Penitentiaries or prisons and detention centers are very pleasant places. A place that everyone can use as ‘Schools of Life’. This is where we practice dealing with life’s problems whose circumstances may be very different when we are out there,” said Wilson Lalengke.

This postgraduate in the field of Applied Ethics from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and Linkoping University, Sweden, hopes that such friendly meeting with the Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary will benefit all parties. “What has been part of our small discussions at this gathering can provide benefits, both for the inmates and for the development of the nation and state, including the general public out there,” explained Wilson Lalengke.

In addition, at this moment Wilson Lalengke also briefly discussed the Fraternity of the Former Prisoners (Persaudaraan Mantan Tahanan – PERMATA) organization. He is now on the progress of preparing the organization legality and its management structure. This program was welcomed by M. Khapi and Heri Purnomo.

“The existence of an organization like Permata will greatly help penitentiary and detention center in fostering and preparing our inmates to face their new life after undergoing the coaching process here,” said Khapi.

At the end of the meeting, the General Chairperson of PPWI handed over a plaque of appreciation as a token of commemoration of the friendly relations between PPWI and Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary received by M. Khapi accompanied by Heri Purnomo. In his delivery to the media after the meeting, Khapi said that the meeting was the beginning of a very extraordinary collaboration between the media and penitentiary, among others, to convey information to the general public that penitentiary have many programs that benefit inmates.

“This meeting is very important because the media is a strategic partner for us to provide information to the general public regarding the personality development and life skills program of our prisoners,” concluded M. Khapi. (TEAM/Ed)

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