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Chairman of PPWI for International Relations Attends Haykel Lebanon Hospital Medical Conference

FU, Lebanon – Chairman of PPWI for International Relations, Dr. Abdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi, attended the Medical Conference held by the Safadi Center Haykel Hospital (RS), in Beirut City, Lebanon, Friday, 17 November 2023. According to the schedule, the medical conference was held for 2 days, namely 17-18 November 2023.

The presence of the PPWI senior journalist was warmly welcomed by the head of the conference organizer, Dr. Lise Abi Rafeh, M.D. who is also the Head of Haykel Hospital. Lise Abi Rafeh was very happy when she welcomed the presence of representatives of the Indonesian Citizens Journalists Association (PPWI).

“She (Lise Abi Rafeh – ed) welcomed the presence of the Indonesian press whom I represented at the medical conference held at Haykel Hospital which she leads,” said Abdul Rahman Dabboussi to this media, Saturday, November 18 2023.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lise explained that her party was still holding meetings attended by medical experts and practitioners. “Despite the regional conditions affecting Lebanon, we decided to hold an annual conference, but in a way that adapts to the current situation and adds the topic of disaster management and mass casualties,” explained Lise to the PPWI representative, Abdul Rahman Dabboussi.

The first day of the conference, November 17 2023, included a workshop where 50 doctors were taught the techniques they would need in a disaster situation and how to prevent infection. Also taught about patient rescue systems at all times, especially during disasters.

The opening event of this conference presented His Excellency the Minister of Health of Lebanon, Dr. Firas Abyad, who presented the National Disaster Preparedness Plan. Apart from Health Minister Firas Abyad, the Chairman of the Beirut Doctors Association, the Chairman of the Lebanese Hospital Association, the Chairman of the Tripoli and North Doctors Association, and the Medical Director of the Lebanese Red Cross were also present.

In his presentation, Chairman of the Lebanese Hospital Association, Dr. Suleiman Haroun, said that hospitals in Lebanon are always ready to help deal with disasters that could occur at any time. The Director of the Lebanese Red Cross also expressed the same thing, who stated that his party was ready at any time to handle national disasters.

This medical conference was held with the main aim of evaluating the preparedness of each element carrying out tasks in the medical and public health fields in Lebanon and abroad. This is a follow-up and reaffirmation of the agreement that was reached at the initial meeting on November 11 2023.

This conference received extraordinary attention from the world health organization World Health Organization (WHO) and gave high appreciation and appreciation to the organizers. Please note, this Medical Conference was attended by more than 400 participants from local and international nurses and doctors. (ARD/Ed)

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