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Letter from Friend: Bethlehem Celebrates No Christmas!

Sent by: Elias Deis

FU, Bethlehem, Palestine“The cancellation of Christmas is not the news. The reason behind this cancellation is the news. The genocide in Gaza is the news.” (Rev. Dr. Munther Isaq, Evangelis Lutheran Christmas Church, Bethlehem, Palestine)

Dearest friends,

In the heart of Bethlehem, where the cobblestone streets once echoed with the laughter of children and the joyous melodies of Christmas carols, an unprecedented silence now looms. The cancellation of Christmas, an unimaginable occurrence in this sacred land, has cast a pall over Manger Square. The vibrant tapestry of the city, adorned with the rich history of the birthplace of Jesus, now bears the weight of uncertainty.

As dawn breaks over the Church of the Nativity, its hallowed halls echo with emptiness, reflecting the hardships endured by families dependent on the tourism industry. Once bustling hotels and souvenir shops, now vacant, stand as silent witnesses to the severance of Bethlehem’s economic lifeline – tourism.

In the midst of this desolation, the Holy Land Trust emerges as a beacon of hope, thanks to the unwavering support of compassionate individuals. Families facing economic hardships find solace in the outreach programs that offer a glimmer of light in these dark times.

Yet, as the community stands at the precipice of a new year, a plea resounds. The weariness and fear palpable within the city call for an end to the ongoing conflict, a yearning for the restoration of peace and normalcy.

Amidst these challenges, Holy Land Trust is gearing up for a Christmas event that promises to be a beacon of joy. Plans are underway to provide 500 Christmas gifts to children and families, a gesture meant to infuse hope into hearts burdened by adversity.

As we approach this sacred season, we invite you to be a part of this story. Your support can transform the narrative, bringing warmth and light to the lives of those enduring hardship. In the spirit of Christmas, let us join hands to create a tale of enduring peace and prosperity for Bethlehem and Gaza.

We wish you and your beloved ones a happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

Holy Land Trust
Elias Deis

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