• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Number of communities paid a moment of silence at the Russian Embassy

FU, Jakarta – Dozens of communities in Indonesia held a moment of silence and prayer together to remember and honour the victims of the terrorist attack occurred at Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia, recently. The moment of silence ceremony which was also attended by a number of representatives of embassies in Jakarta was held in the courtyard of the Russian Embassy, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday, March 29 2024.

Deputy Chief of Mission who is serving temporarily as the Acting Russian Ambassador, HE. Madam Veronika Novoseltseva, said that the terror attack that occurred at Crocus City Hall, near the capital Moscow, could not be forgiven at all. “So, this crime cannot be forgiven at all,” said Madam Veronika Novoseltseva on the side-lines of the silent solidarity action.

Madam Veronika Novoseltseva also said that currently the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has emphasized their position. Several perpetrators have also been arrested and the investigation process is currently underway.

However, until now the mastermind behind this terror attack is not yet known for certain. “Therefore, we emphasize that Russia will investigate and continue to find out this matter until it is resolved,” added Ambassador Veronika Novoseltseva.

So far, he said, information is incomplete regarding the mastermind behind this tragedy. “However, we will definitely look for those who engineered, organized, financed and sent these murderers,” stressed the Russian Ambassador who is fluent in Indonesian.

Furthermore, Veronika Novoseltseva said that the perpetrators of the attack had failed to achieve their goal of making the Russian people down. On the contrary, the Russian people have become more solid and provide greater support to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“So, the effect is actually the opposite. Everyone strongly condemns this action, and everyone is united to fight those who are Russia’s enemies,” he said in front of hundreds of audiences of the condolence event.

Support for Russia also comes from the whole world community. “This incident also shows that everyone in the world, in any part of our earth, they condemn and condole. Starting from Europe, America, Africa, Asian countries, everyone is with us,” added Veronika Novoseltseva.

As is known, on bloody Friday, March 22, 2024, a number of armed and trained people suddenly came to the Crocus City Hall building and opened fire on people who were watching a concert in the building. This attack is believed to have been well prepared and very neat, so that there were almost no traces of the attackers, who immediately disappeared after carrying out their ‘task’. Russian authorities confirmed 143 people were killed, and more than 360 injured.

At the end of her statement, Ambassador Veronika Novoseltseva emphasized that in this case the perpetrators did not deserve forgiveness. “The Russian government strongly condemns this vile and cowardly act,” concluded Madam Veronika Novoseltseva.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association (Persatuan Pewarta Warga Indonesia – PPWI), Wilson Lalengke, who previously paid a courtesy visit to the Russian Embassy, emphasized that he was so sorry and expressed deep condolences for the humanitarian tragedy. This Indonesian national press figure strongly condemned the brutal attacks carried out by irresponsible parties.

“On behalf of the Association of Indonesian Citizen Journalists, I express my sympathy and deep condolences for the humanitarian tragedy that occurred in Moscow recently. We strongly condemn the brutal and inhumane acts carried out by irresponsible persons. PPWI stands with the Russian people in responding to this heart-breaking incident,” said Wilson Lalengke to the Russian Ambassador, Madam Veronika Novoseltseva, Wednesday, March 27 2024. (DION/Red)

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