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Belgium: The Autonomy Initiative in the Moroccan Sahara is the Best Foundation for a Solution for All Parties

FU, Rabat – The Belgian Government considers the autonomy initiative in the Moroccan Sahara to be “a serious and credible effort of the Royal Moroccan Government and is the best basis for a solution acceptable to all parties”. As is known, in 2007, the Royal Moroccan Government proposed special autonomy status for the southern region of Morocco known as the Moroccan Sahara.

The position of the Belgian Government was expressed in a joint declaration which was decided and presented at the 3rd meeting of the Moroccan-Belgian High Partnership Commission which took place in Rabat on Monday, 15 April 204. The high-level meeting was co-chaired by the Head of Government of Morocco, Aziz Akhannouch, and the Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo.

In this context, De Croo reiterated Belgium’s “initial support for a UN-led process for a political solution that is just, lasting and mutually acceptable to the parties”. That is stated in the Joint Declaration.

On the same occasion, both parties agreed on the “exclusivity of the UN in the political process and reaffirmed their support for UN Security Council Resolution Number 2703 (of 2023), which notes the roles and responsibilities of the parties in seeking a realistic and lasting solution, a lasting political solution based on compromise,” the statement added. From the meeting between the two governments, it was clear that the two countries remained committed to supporting the special autonomy program implemented by the Moroccan Government over its sovereign territory in the Moroccan Sahara. (PERSISMA/Ed)

Note: PERSISMA = Persaudaraan Indonesia Sahara Maroko (Association of Indonesian Sahara Moroccan Brotherhood)

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