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Consortium of Firsts Union Lebanon and PPWI Gives International Award to Konawe Regent

FU, Jakarta – The Firsts Union Association based in Lebanon awarded the “International Certificate of Excellence and Recognition” to Acting Konawe Regent, Dr. H. Harmin Ramba, took place in the Ballroom of the Redtop Hotel, Central Jakarta, Monday, April 29, 2024. The international award, which was given in collaboration with the Indonesian Citizens Journalists Association (PPWI), was as an appreciation for the Regent of Konawe for his extraordinary dedication and best service to the people of Konawe.

The international award was handed over directly by the President of Firsts Union, Dr. Abdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi, together with his colleague, General Chairperson of PPWI, Wilson Lalengke, to Harmin Ramba. Firsts Union and PPWI awarded the international award, which was approved by all PPWI representatives in 21 countries, based on data and information received by these two institutions, both from PPWI Konawe Branch and the general public, about the humanist figure of Harmin Ramba, down to earth, and has a heartful to others.

To the media, Wilson Lalengke said that this award ceremony was an extraordinary moment, able to give appreciation to Regent of Konawe. This award was not given without reason, he is close to the community and provides excellent services.

“We consider that the Regent is close to the people of Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, and during his time as Acting Regent in Konawe he carried out leadership well and was sincere in serving the community,” explained the 2012 PPRA-48 Lemhannas RI Alumni.

In his speech, the Chairman of PPWI said that the award dedicated by the Consortium of PPWI and Firsts Union may not be worth much compared to the awards that Regent has received so far. However, this is a form of sincere appreciation from the PPWI organization and the Firsts Union Association from Lebanon to a public official figure who has demonstrated excellent performance for his community. Wilson Lalengke hopes that what they have done will be blessed by God Almighty, and will be an inspiration and motivation for the Konawe Regent to realize the community’s hopes.

“So, the appreciation we give will continue to provide motivation for the Regent in providing services to the community, as well as further improving government performance and makes Konawe Regency even better,” said the postgraduate graduate from three prestigious universities in Europe, adding that good services to the community is one form of successful leadership from regional officials.

Meanwhile, Konawe Regent Harmin Ramba in his speech said that he was very moved and happy to receive the award from Firsts Union Lebanon and PPWI. This Konawe native figure considers that this award is a reflection of his best achievements in carrying out his duties, both as a civil servant and the Acting Regent of Konawe.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for having this international award, for me this is the first international award. A few days ago, I also received an award from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia Republic for my successful performance in running the government in Konawe Regency,” said Harmin Ramba.

By giving this international award certificate, he added, it further motivates him to provide the best service to the people of Konawe. “This award gives me and my colleagues in the Konawe Regency Government the enthusiasm to provide the best service for the entire community,” added Harmin Ramba.

Still according to Acting Konawe Regent, journalists are an element that influences whether a region advances or not. “Journalists can make a region more advanced and better, in the hands of journalists programs that are already running can be published to the public,” he said while emphasizing that his governance is very open to journalists, including in terms of carrying out partnership cooperation to build Konawe which is projected to become Wonua Mbae aka Rice City.

At the same time, the National PPWI Legal Division, Advocate Dolfie Rompas, expressed his opinion that this activity was a very good thing, giving an appreciation to Konawe Regent after going through an assessment from Firsts Union and PPWI regarding his performance in running the Konawe Regency Government, especially in the field of community services. This good performance is very good for the welfare of the community, and it is hoped that the Konawe Regional Government’s collaboration with PPWI will continue so that the Konawe Government’s programs and policies can be conveyed to the community.

“That’s important, because what the Government or Regent does needs to be informed to the public, so that the public knows what programs have been implemented,” concluded Dolfie Rompas.

The International Certificate of Excellence and Recognition award ceremony, which began with a dance performance from Miss PPWI 2022, Miss Hani Fiona Citra Dewi, went smoothly, wisely and successfully. Apart from the Chairperson of PPWI and the President of Firsts Union Association, there were also Putri PPWI 2014 who is now Miss Asia Indonesia 2023, Khalisa Putri, a number of National PPWI administrators, PPWI Karawang administrators, and PPWI members surround Jakarta. Not to be left behind, the PPWI Konawe management and Konawe Regency Government officials were also seen attended the event. (TEAM/Ed)

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