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Penitentiary of Bandar Lampung Collaborates with Permata Indonesia to Manage Griya Abhipraya

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Feb 18, 2023

FU, Jakarta – The Bandar Lampung Penitentiary Agency (Bapas) cooperates with the Indonesian Former Prisoners Brotherhood (Permata) organization in the establishment and managing the Griya Abhipraya (House of Hope) Bandar Lampung. This cooperation is stated in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will be signed by both parties in the near time.

This was conveyed by the General Chairperson of Permata Indonesia, Wilson Lalengke, to the media after having a meeting with the Head of the Bapas of Bandar Lampung, Muhammad Rolan, Saturday, February 18, 2023. “I just met the Head of Bandar Lampung Bapas, Mr. Rolan, who is incidentally having weekend in Jakarta. We took the time to discuss preparations for signing an agreement regarding the establishment and managing Griya Abhipraya Bandar Lampung,” said the postgraduate in Applied Ethics from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and Linkoping University, Sweden.

Wilson Lalengke, who was detained as a victim of the criminalization of the East Lampung Police Chief and the Lampung Police Chief in 2022, also explained that the Griya Abhipraya which is being prepared will be a center for learning, training and work activities for the inmates, especially from Bandar Lampung and its surroundings. The fact on ground, the building used for Griya Abhipraya, located in the Wayhui Prison complex, Bandar Lampung, has almost been completely renovated.

In his additional statement, Wilson Lalengke said that Griya Abhipraya would train and employ the detainers in producing ready-to-use products. The mainstay product that will be produced by the Griya is coffee powder under the brand name of ‘Permata Coffee’.

“Lampung is one of the coffee-producing areas in Indonesia, therefore this commodity is the choice for processing at Griya Abhipraya Bandar Lampung. Raw materials are easy to get, transportation is starting to improve, and Lampung coffee enthusiasts are also increasing. Coffee with the Permata Coffee brand is specially formulated by experts who are also international calibre coffee practitioners from the Indonesian Coffee Experts Council,” said Wilson Lalengke optimistically.

However, he continued, there are several business fields that will also be developed to become products for the inmates at Griya Abhipraya Bandar Lampung which will be visited and inaugurated by the First Lady, Iriana Joko Widodo, at the end of this month. “Later, there will be screen printing and convection training, painting crafts, healthy culinary, animal husbandry, gardening and others,” explained this Indonesian national press figure.

Concluding his statement, Wilson Lalengke hopes for support from all parties for the realization of this program. He also hopes that ex-prisoners (former convicts) will not hesitate to contact Permata Indonesia and join together in building the nation through coaching the inmates.

“To the community at large, I beg you to improve the mindset that has not been good so far towards inmates and ex-convicts. In fact, said the man who also completed his master’s degree in Global Ethics at Birmingham University, UK, the inmates are the chosen ones out of the many people with bad behaviour out there. They are then trained in a life campus called prison. After the coaching period behind bars, every inmate come out victorious, as gems (Permata), diamonds, gold, rubies, or other types of precious stones, which are certainly very useful in society if empowered by their environment,” said the former lecturer in Philosophy and Logic of Science at Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta. (APL/Ed)

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