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PPWI Chairperson Condemns the Persecution of Tomohon Journalists

FU, Manado – The persecution of journalists that occurred in Tomohon City, Kolongan Batas Jaga I Village, Sonder District, received a strong response from the Chairperson of the Indonesian Citizens Journalists Association (PPWI), Wilson Lalengke. The statement and criticism was conveyed when asked for a comment by this media via a WhatsApp message, Friday (17/02/2022).

Wilson Lalengke, who always defends journalists throughout Indonesia, strongly condemns the persecution in this city which is known for its extreme quintessence. According to Wilson, persecution of anyone should not happen, either against journalists or citizens from any background.

“As an ordinary citizen or journalist, persecution should not happen to anyone. Regarding the beating of journalists in Tomohon, regardless of whether he is serving as a journalist or not, beating and ill-treating him is a criminal act,” said this alumni of PPRA-48 Lemhannas RI.

Wilson also added that this case should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators of abuse must be punished according to applicable law. “The apparatus must investigate thoroughly. If the apparatus does not carry out their duties, residents may step in to look for the attacker and be judged on the streets,” he stressed.

In a separate place, the Chairperson of the North Sulawesi Independent Online Journalists Association (PWOIN), Reza Lumanu, requested that Law Enforcement Officials give the harshest punishment to the perpetrators of abuse against journalists. This is important in order to give a deterrent effect to anyone not to abuse journalists or other people.

“I ask Law Enforcement Officials to give severe punishment to the alleged perpetrators who carried out acts of abuse using sharp weapons against an online media of Suara Nusantara journalist named Jeiny Oroh, and I will escort this case to court, I will always voice it in the media if there is a distorted things,” said Reza Lumanu. (TEAM/Ed)

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